Cremation Urns are a perfect way to keep close the memories of the dear ones while also protecting their earthly remains. These are beautiful vessels, intricately hand crafted and a much better option than the traditional burial.

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About Brass Cremation Urns:

Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. Brass is naturally bright yellow in color, though various additives are sometimes used to create different colors. The composition of brass allows it to have a higher malleability than bronze, which makes it relatively easy to cast & engrave.

Brass urns are very durable and can last a long time without any significant changes in the overall look of the products.  Brass urns are generally preferred by those who are looking to preserve the remains for a very long time. The fact that these can be easily sealed, makes them a preferred choice for a majority of people opting for the metal cremation urns.

About Aluminum Cremation Urns:

Aluminum is a chemical element which is silvery white in color. Aluminum is easy to cast and it's light weight is making it gradually gain popularity. Although it's a bit softer than brass, but it more than make up for it by being cheaper than brass.

Aluminum cremation urns are light weighted and a number of finishes, colors & electroplating can be done on these. Aluminum urns are generally preferred by those who are looking to hold the ashes for relatively smaller time or who are looking for a cheaper alternative to the brass urns. Just like the brass urns, these can be easily sealed too.

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