Brass Urns

Brass Urns are a traditional choice when it comes to choosing a metal cremation urn. We have over 1000 different designs in brass urns to choose from.

Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. It has a bright yellow coloration, though various additives are sometimes used to create different colors. The properties of the alloy combination allow brass to have a higher malleability than bronze, which makes it relatively easy to cast. Brass makes beautiful and durable urns and can be hand engraved with ease.

Brass cremation urns can last through generations without any significant loss in the quality of these beautiful urns. Brass urns can be buried or can be placed on a shelf at home or a niche in a mausoleum or in a casket. Brass cremation urns are generally preferred by those who are looking to preserve the mortal remains for a very long time. In addition, people like the overall look and safety of the ashes that brass urns offer. The threaded lids can be easily sealed.

Since brass cremation urns are intricately handcrafted, no two urns will ever be the same and hence making each urn a unique and only product of a kind. At Blissful Urns, we have brass urns ranging from 180 cubic inches to 450 cubic inches.