Aluminum Urns

Aluminum Urns are both- beautiful and economical. Aluminum is gaining popularity in all parts of world as preferred metal for cremation urns. We have over 500 different designs in aluminum urns to choose from.

Aluminum is a versatile metal having a silvery coloration and it's atmospheric weight is lighter than brass and bronze. It is easy to cast, therefore, it is suitable for all shapes and sizes of cremation urns. Aluminum is perfect for extra large cremation urns due to lighter weight. Since it pours easily, a number of complex shapes can be made using aluminum.

Aluminum urns are durable and offer a number of finishes and colors. These urns can be buried or placed on a shelf at home or a niche in a mausoleum or in a casket. Aluminum provides an economical alternative to the brass cremation urns. In addition, people like the overall look of the urns and safety of the ashes that these urns offer. The threaded lid is easy to seal.

Since aluminum cremation urns are lighter and easier to cast, at Blissful Urns we have aluminum adult urns ranging from 180 cubic inches to 450 cubic inches. These urns for ashes are available in various colors & electroplating.